Interior view of a lobby area

Omnibuild’s most challenging feat of engineering occurred in its renovation of the W hotel. The company was tasked with converting an antiquated and problematic PTAC system to individual water source heat pumps in each room, all while the hotel stayed open and occupied. Logistically the project reached a crescendo when Hurricane Sandy interrupted work, causing delays that meant the base-building infrastructure and the separate room renovations had to be handled simultaneously.

We managed to complete the renovation, which featured riser work from the basement to the rooftop, all of the associated equipment, and maintain the schedule on the floors, turning over 65 rooms every ten days during peak output. The complaints that were generated by the old PTAC system failures, dropped to an almost indistinguishable level. The cost savings that were logged in the first year of operating the new system were beyond anyone’s expectation.

Completed 2014

Architect: Stantec
Developer: Host Hotels