Building during construction

It’s dubbed, “The Skinny,” because, well, because it’s only 24′ wide. (Long jumpers clear that distance by +5′.) While large buildings present complexity in the breadth of the task, small buildings provide it in the surgical manner of it. Space becomes a premium and loading the job becomes a jigsaw puzzle.

This Comfort Inn on 337 West 36th Street is 23 stories, under 40,000 square feet and only has 89 keys, ~ 4 rooms per floor. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be creative. The cellar has a breakfast room with an outdoor patio, there is a terrace located on the 10th floor accessible through two guest rooms, and the 23rd floor has a suite that spans the entire width of the building.


Completed 2018

89 Units

22 Floors

39,291 sq ft.

Architect: GKA
Developer: McSam