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The construction industry in New York is thriving, with a range of infrastructure projects taking place throughout the state. The City & State’s Construction Power 100 list highlights the most influential individuals in the industry, including executives at construction companies of all sizes, government officials who prioritize projects and ensure compliance, and labor leaders who play a significant role due to organized labor’s influence in the state. The list also features individuals who advocate for diversifying the industry and influencing city and state policies.

Peter Serpico headshotJohn Mingione headshot

38. Peter Serpico & John Mingione

CEO and Principal; COO and Principal, Omnibuild

Omnibuild became one of New York’s top construction firms after acquiring Cava Construction in 2015 – a move that brought together Peter Serpico and John Mingione. Omnibuild had several projects underway in New York City, including a Times Square hotel and a 150,000-square-foot project in the Flatiron District for Microsoft offices. Prior to the merger with Omnibuild, Serpico had pushed Cava onto the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies with more than 500% growth; Mingione had founded Foreman Interiors in 2003, which eventually became Omnibuild, then took over field operations for the company after its merger with Cava.

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