Transition From Pre-Construction to Construction

Continuity is key to achieving the seamless switchover from preconstruction to construction. Continuity at Omnibuild is accomplished by keeping the same leadership involved from preconstruction through to the construction phase whenever possible. The ideal scenario is to roll the same Project Executive, Project Manager, and Assistant Project Manager into the start of the construction, and engage the future Project Superintendent into the latter stages of preconstruction to so they become familiar with the drawings and scope. Omnibuild often blends an Early-Start Agreement into its Preconstruction Agreements to keep open the possibility of starting specific portions of work early before a GMP is established, or before fully completed CD’s are issued. A team well-versed in the drawings, that has planned the logistics, and built connections with the design team is invaluable at the start of construction. Omnibuild strives to keep teams intact in this transition contingent on timing and the start of a project’s actual construction phase.

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