Supply Chain & Labor Issues

In a busy construction market, awareness of subcontractor labor supply issues is key. Omnibuild keeps their ear to the ground and continually monitors subcontractors to understand their workload. Most of the subcontractors we work with have been part of our team for many years. Navigating supply chain issues in the past few years has taken on greater importance than ever. Working both globally to buy products at the best prices, as well as locally to stay close to the production cycle, Omnibuild reaches out to stay involved with its suppliers. We have done a good job working with vendors and subcontractors projecting costs and schedules.

We put in the hours and do the diligence – trips to factories to see material in production, going to job sites to see and touch installed products, checking references with contractors who bought the same products; there’s no other way for us. In this market you need to focus on lead times very early in the process and be smart about building a cushion in your project schedules.

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