Finding innovation in the construction industry was once considered an oxymoron. But building bigger, faster, and better demands advancement in products, methods, equipment, and systems. Omnibuild has embraced changes and designs that put us in the forefront with advanced curtain wall systems, pressure equalized rain creen systems, thin stone façade panel systems, ultra-high performance concrete panels (UHPCP), and even the first inclined/declined mast climber installation in NYC. In our constant search for value and competitive pricing, we have turned to some of the newest window and glass products brought to market. We have sourced producers of unique products from as far as Serbia, and have relationships with manufacturers in China, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Innovating isn’t just about new products, it also means thinking quickly and stepping lightly in the field. We are all builders at Omnibuild; everyone of us. When obstacles get in our way on the job site, we pool our experience and our abilities to find a way around. Building a 42-story high rise in tight quarters with no tower crane? Adding a sub-cellar to a new building when an opportunity presents itself to the client and not skipping a beat? Changing a foundation design on the fly to avoid underpinning on older building with a rubble foundation? Building a 140-foot bridge across the largest hotel atrium in NYC, eight stories in the air? We’ve done that, we find a way.

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