BIM in the Construction Phase

As a project transitions from the design phase to the construction phase, and pre-construction becomes active construction, it’s time to tap into BIM’s capabilities in the field. At this stage of the construction, BIM can still be utilized in many ways to keep the process on the rails, so to speak. A specific piece of software can be used in the field to make sure that the intended design is followed completely, and both the construction manager and the field superintendent are collaborating with the design team for that exact purpose. Running additional clash detection protocols is also common practice at this point to make sure that you’re not missing anything in your building as it’s being constructed. At this stage, it’s also possible to run construction simulations and predict some of the problems before they append and disrupt the progress in the field.

Additionally, simulations help produce better estimations for the project globally and confirming progress and remaining time to complete. Another advantage of using BIM throughout the project’s lifespan is the ability to update the stakeholders with actual walkthroughs and renderings to visualize the final product.

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