Omnibuild believes there is great value to both the owner and design team in its pre-construction services. From early schematic phase budgets to site inspections and development of logistics plans and crane placement diagrams, our pre-construction teams help conceptualize and define the project in early stages to develop a realistic baseline. We can provide initial conceptual budget services, constructability reviews, interact with design teams, develop scopes of work, interview and vet bidders, coordinate the RFP process, and award contracts. Omnibuild will assign a team of its professionals to assist in the planning and execution of a successful project.

Our Approach

Integrated Approach

Omnibuild Construction, Inc. (OCI) has worked with property owners and developers on a broad range of residential and mixed-use projects throughout the New York metro area for both public and private entities, assisting with early-stage conceptual budgeting, constructability reviews, site logistics and construction phasing and planning, scheduling, value-engineering, and even real estate finance and valuation specialists. OCI has unique capabilities to provide an integrated approach to projects like yours utilizing our experience, market knowledge, open-shop familiarity, and highly qualified staff.

Design Team

The OCI team is comprised of skilled and experienced project leaders who have worked on many complex and high-profile projects in NY and surrounding areas. Our teams consist of project executives, project managers, assistant project managers, estimators, site superintendents, safety specialists, schedulers, and real estate finance experts. Omnibuild builds a pre-construction team around each project’s unique needs and conditions; both interims of specific skill sets and number of people required.

Ability to Influence Cost vs Time

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Coordination with Design Team and Ownership

Omnibuild utilizes multiple forms of communication, interactive meetings and engagement with the design and Owner teams to promote discussion and identification of potential problem areas.

Communication Protocol

All team members' contributions are important, but bringing ideas and observations to the table and to the group requires direct lines of communication and effective leadership.

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Document Management

Document Management

Omnibuild utilizes multiple means and processes to track, organize, and share information with the entire team and those outside the organization.

Value Engineering

Omnibuild has experience in similar type projects which allows us to insert ourselves in the value engineering process.


Supply Chain & Labor Issues

Working both globally to buy products at the best prices, as well as locally to stay close to the production cycle, Omnibuild reaches out to stay involved with its suppliers.

BIM Process Management

The existence of BIM process management allows for a BIM model to be used in scheduling, elevations, walkthroughs, sections, and many other processes -potentially saving a lot of time and money within that project.

Design renders of residential building
Construction plans

BIM in the Construction Phase

As a project transitions from the design phase to the construction phase, and pre-construction becomes active construction, it’s time to tap into BIM’s capabilities in the field.


We are all builders at Omnibuild; everyone of us. When obstacles get in our way on the job site, we pool our experience and our abilities to find a way around.

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rooftop construction

Open Shop and Union Jobs

We invite both union and nonunion subcontractors to bid on our projects. Along with Ownership, we select the best subcontractor by considering price, schedule, and resume on a specific project.

Transition from Pre-Construction to Construction

Continuity at Omnibuild is accomplished by keeping the same leadership involved from preconstruction through to the construction phase whenever possible.

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